Art and power will go on as they have done,–will make day out of night, time out of space, and space out of time.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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About my Work...
  • Specialties:
    • Photography: Black & White/Color Interpretive Photography, with an emphasis on Landscapes, Architecture, Still-Life/Macro and Abstracts. I work with many photographic media, including specialty films (push-process high-speed, fine grain and infrared) and full-frame digital sensor systems. I use both wet-chemical darkroom processes and high-end digital inkjet printers to render finished images.
    • Paintings: Abstract acrylics on canvas using a variety of brush and palette knife techniques.

  • Style:
    • If you see grain in my photos, it is intentional. Grain in both black & white and color landscapes induces an impressionist style to a subject matter, making its interpretation more fluid (and less literal) to the 'viewer.' Many times I use high-speed film and a push process to achieve a certain look. If you see high contrast in my photography (especially the black & whites) it is also intentional, for strictly stylistic reasons. I am attracted to the extremes rather than the midtones, with more dramatic shadows and highlights. Life is many times too boring and flat unless one pushes things to the edges. Lighting is everything in photography, and every one of my pieces exploits the natural lighting to showcase the subject matter - landscape, still-life or abstract. Whether I'm in the wet darkroom or digital darkroom, I minimize dodging and burning or other fix techniques, so what you see in my images is how the scene looks overall, with occasional use of common filters to enhance contrast. In addition to film grain and contrast, I also employ special processes (e.g., solarization) in my work to create an impressionist, interpretive or sometimes abstract look and style, while retaining the overall vision of the image.
    • My abstract paintings exploit geometry and color, using a palette knife technique - 'neo-cubist.'

  • Inspiration:
    • My inspiration comes from my father, a nationally recognized and accomplished commercial artist during the 50s-70s. He died when I was 18, but his work lives on in me.

  • Journey:
    • From Physics to Art, Ideas to Images. I have a Ph.D. in Physics and worked for years in academia and industry. Now I enjoy the passion and freedom of creating artwork. In my spare time I run an R&D and IP business with my husband and business partner.

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