Art and power will go on as they have done,–will make day out of night, time out of space, and space out of time.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

New Work! (2010)
Fine Art ~ Photography
Fine Art Sales
TRIPTYCHS. I have been experimenting lately with photographic imagery in three forms simultaneously: black & white, duotone and full color; or black & white, full color and tone-reversed full color. Visualizing striking landscapes or subjects in such form series allows for a renewed and expanded appreciation of color and abstraction.
-S. Lomatch
Raison d'Etre

1Mirror-Rock 2Naked-Vista 3Drifting
"Mirror Rock" "Naked Vista" "Drifting"
4Other-World 5Pride 6Hoodoo-Spires
"Other World" "Pride" "Hoodoo Spires"
7South-Peek 8Stunning-Mary 9Washed-Up
"Sawtooth Peek" "Stunning Mary" "Washed Up"

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