Art and power will go on as they have done,–will make day out of night, time out of space, and space out of time.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

New Work! (2010)
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GRAND CANYON SOUTH. Late November. Cooler weather made hiking into the Canyon along the Kaibab Trail an invigorating experience, with crisply clear visibility. At Cedar Ridge, I encountered a Mountain Bluebird, emphatic about defending his space - as if the expanse of the surrounding Canyon were not enough! The weathered trees on the Rim Trail with the canyon visitas presented surreal material for several images shown here.
-S. Lomatch
Raison d'Etre

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CedarRidgeAft-5616-HL CedarRidgeAft-5616-HL-BW2 CedarRidgeAft-5616-HL-Duo2
"Cedar Ridge Afternoon" "Cedar Ridge Afternoon" "Cedar Ridge Afternoon"
CedarRidgeAftBW-5616 CedarRidgeAftPort-5618 CedarRidgeAftPort-5618-BW2
"Cedar Ridge Afternoon" "Cedar Ridge Afternoon - Portrait" "Cedar Ridge Afternoon - Portrait"
CedarRidgeAftPort-5618-Duo2 CedarRidgeAftPortBW-5618 CfVocal2-5596
"Cedar Ridge Afternoon - Portrait" "Cedar Ridge Afternoon - Portrait" "Vocal"

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